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2013 The Year of the Snake 
Toruamentss and Awards 

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Mission Statment
Our mission at Chitolie’s Martial Arts Institute (C.M.A.I) is to help each student reach his or her highest personal potential; and to provide them the lifelong benefits of participating in the martial arts, through professional, superior karate instructions. Our students have the opportunity to advance through various belt ranks in order to achieve the ultimate goal of Black Belt. These advancements take place through goal setting, one-on-one tutoring and involvement in tournaments both in and out of our schools.

Our Philosophy
At our White tiger Karate School, we have an approach to teaching martial arts that is balanced between traditional and modern.   Our students practice as partners, not opponents and we really strive to create a family atmosphere that develops discipline and skill all while having fun.
We would be honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to our martial arts family, and are confident you will find that there is no school in the area that can provide a more professional, clean environment then our White tiger martial arts school.

Dojo’s Policy Customer First
We will provide the best service in order to reach your goals, specifically in the areas of Self-confidence, Respect, loyalty, Discipline & Self-defense

Dojo's Membership
As a member of Chitolie’s Martial Arts Institute, you will learn Japanese and Chinese Karate. These style takes the traditional values of the Martial Arts, such as self-discipline, respect, balance-in-life and self-defense, and combines them with the philosophy that Karate should only be used for the right reason. 

Benjamin Annius Taiwan national Karate Games
Picture of Benjamin Annius at the Taiwan National Karate Games 






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6 Reason why you should make Chitolie Martial Arts Institute your place to learn and practice  



Beautiful Facilities
Clean envoirnment, padded mats, and soon to come full multi-media curriculum presentations.


World Class Instructors
We hand pick our staff to find the most motivational instructors in the country. As martial artists our teachers are unsurpassed in providing ndividual attention, leadership and patience to thier students.


Flexible Schedules
Are you a shuttle parent? Are you trying to juggle several activities? With multiple class times offered throughout the day, you can virtually write your own schedule and change it every week.


Month to Month Agreements
This shows our ongoing commitment to provide you excellent service and stand behind our words.You will see progress in your child – guaranteed.


Diversified Classes
We offer classes for all age groups & abilities ranging from 4 to 99 years old.


No Hidden Charges
Most of your expenses are included in your tuition. We go the extra mile! 

Sensei Benjamin Annius Receving the 2013 Taiwan National Karate Sportman of the year Award

benjamin Annius


benjamin Annius
benjamin Annius
benjamin Annius
benjamin Annius


benjamin Annius "Our classes and training have assisted individuals suffering from attention disorders, fatigue syndromes and low self-esteem. We have helped children and teens develop the confidence needed to avoid being tormented by bullies. In fact, our approach works so well, it is recommended by many physicians and counselors as a way to encourage children"

 Women Self Defense Program








Kick Drugs and Aids out of Saint Luica School Program

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Chinese Kick Start Kick Boxing Program

benjamin Annius
benjamin Annius
k k1

Benjamin Annius

Coming soon the Annius Language  Sports Enrichment Program a joint co-operation  project with APMA Saint lucia
(Association of Professional martial Arts)

More information will be up-dated soon

Chitolie Martial Arts Institute Non Practicing Members Fan Club

we love our fansChitolie Martial Arts Institute open it doors to the public in 2005 and is now one of the most prestigious martial arts club in saint Lucia both in Traditional and Open Karate. this group was founded for the parents, friends and past karate students who all share a deep love for all martial arts.Want to become a member. its free just fill out the form below.
 ps: the form will be add soon

Want to take a tour. Go back in
time with Chitolie Martial Arts
Institute and discover why we
have so many fans

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Touraments and Awards Highlights 
throughout of the years.2013 the year 
of the Sanke

benjamin Annius
Taiwan National Karate Games
Taiwan Apirl 30th 2013


benny chitloie ad team
The prestigious US Open
America Florida July 11th 2013


benjamin Annius and team evo-lucian
French Open Karate Championship
Martiqnue December 24th 2013

 pan america
The Pan -Carribbean Championship
Trindad & tobago March 2013 


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